About Us


Xenia and Peter, pictured above, at Henley Beach, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean style climate and has beautiful beaches with lots of nice cafes and eating places along its suburban coast. Dog laws in South Australia permit dogs, under control, to be walked on the beach at certain times and so enjoy all the fun of seaside living.

Paxterr Kennels is named after Peter and Xenia Oswald who live at Flinders Park, an inner Western suburb of Adelaide, South Australia

Peter has been a dog owner all his life and could not imagine life without a dog. However he has only become a dog exhibitor and breeder in recent years. Peter's interest in Australian Terriers began in his childhood but his first pedigree Australian Terrier, "Edeeree Toby" did not come into his life until 1974. After owning several pedigree Aussies, Peter decided he would like to become more involved in the breed and fulfill a lifetime ambition to breed Australian Terriers. Consequently he and his youngest son, Jimmy, drove from Adelaide to Wellington near Dubbo, NSW in December 2004 and came back with Laspapamas Amber Princess who, as "Sissi", quickly earned a place in the hearts of all the Oswald family.

Peter campaigned Sissi to her title and later, due to the kindness of Mrs Margaret Anderson of Laspamas Kennels in Wellington, NSW,  acquired a male Aussie, Laspamas Native Warrior aka "Kofi". Kofi has also subsequently gained both his Australian Championship and, in 2014, his Neutered Championship title. Sissi now lives in Geraldton, WA, with his daughter, Anne-Marie. Kofi lives in Adelaide with Peter.

In 2009 Peter began showing a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier bitch from Dr John Collard in the ACT. Dancestar Ms America Pie, (aka "Sheena") lived until mid-2014 with Vince and Cheryl Fleming & family in the Adelaide Hills and achieved her Australian Championship title in 2011. Sheena was mated to Larnook King of Swing, "Louis", in May 2011 and delivered a litter of six pups born on 4th July. Because the pups were born on American Independence Day, they were all given pedigree names which reflected this fact. A second litter was born in late August 2012 and her third and last litter was born, under a Breeders' Agreement with John Collard, in Melbourne, under the Larnook kennel prefix. Sheena is no longer with us and we have recently acquired another female pup from Mr Tony Clift of Tchoklat kennels near Sydney. Our new bitch puppy is Tchoklat Rose of Belfast but we know her as Aoife, (pronounced Eefa). We have been careful to obtain a pup who has tested clear to PLN and returned excellent hip and eye test scores. Hopefullly, in this way, we can guarantee the integrity of any pups born in the future.