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Welcome to Paxterriers the webpage of Paxterr Kennels. At Paxterr we are interested in breeding and promoting Australian Terriers and Irish Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers. 

In the photo below, Tom, my grand-nephew, holds Jessie, the first Australian Terrier pup born to Paxterr Kennels in January 2009.  Jessie combined the bloodlines from two of Australia's premier Australian Terrier Kennels, Teraustralis (Gillian Bartlett) and Laspamas (Margaret Anderson). Two of Jessie's pups, Paxterr Paint the Town Red, "Adele", and Paxterr Picture Perfect, "Missy", achieved their Australian Championship titles under the Paxterr Prefix. In 2015, Missy was mated to Teraustralis Alexander and gave birth to 7 healthy red Aussie pups - 3 boys and 4 girls. Unfortunately, we suffered a tragic turn of circumstances in 2013 when our breeding pair of Jessie and Butch, (Cliftop Better be Special), were both taken by snakes within a twelve month period, putting a hold on our breeding program. We are now in a re-building phase which has seen us acquire a beautiful red bitch from Cliftop kennels in NSW.  Ch. Cliftop Zipping Loose, aka Lucy, has achieved her Australian Champion title and, on 1st May, 2015, delivered her first litter of red Aussie pups - 7 in all - 2 boys and 5 girls. The sire of these pups is Mal Ch. FCI Ch. Supreme Ch. Cliftop Gunna be a Star, aka "Edge".  To complete our breeding program, earlier in 2015, we adopted "Dora",  Willolane Edge's Dreamtime, from Mark Mills in Cairns, Queensland (see below). Dora resides with my niece, Kate and her family, near Cowra in NSW. Dora's sire is also Edge. This gives us the potential to continue two distinct bloodlines in our breeding. In 2017 Lucy had a second  litter of  pups, this  time  by AI to US Gr. Ch. Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision, "Jake". Again, Lucy had seven pups, two  of whom we have kept and shown to their Australian Championship  titles. Stuart,  Ch. Mittlesista Smarty Pants, lives with my  niece and her family and has  recently  been  mated  to Dora. We are hoping  for pups from this  mating in mid-April, 2018. Lucy, the other  pup we kept,  lives with us in Adelaide and  has  also achieved her Championship  title - "Aust. Ch. Mittlesista Drama Queen."

Recently we have acquired another female pup, "Dora" (pictured above)via Simon Mills of the ACT. Dora's pedigree name is Willolane Edge's Dreamtime. She was bred by Simon's brother,  Mark Mills,  in Cairns, Queensland and sired by Mal Ch. FCI Ch. Supreme Ch. Cliftop Gunna be a Star, "Edge".    Dora will stay with my niece, Kate Heilman and her family on their farm, "Bimbimbi" which is situated between Booroowa and Cowra, NSW, about an hour and a half from the Nation's capital city, Canberra in the ACT.

Ch. Cliftop Zipping Loose, "Lucy" with her seven healthy pups which were born on 1st May 2015. The litter consisted of two males and five females. Two of these pups, one dog and one bitch have been selected to be shown in SA and, hopefully, to achieve their Australian Champion titles, like their parents.

Lucy has recently given birth to her second litter on 2nd January 2017. These pups were born under an agreement with Megan Scott of Mittel Sista kennels in Gordon, Victoria. At least one of these pups will be coming back to South Australia to be shown and join the Paxterr kennels breeding program. In 2015 Lucy was mated to Australia's top Aussie, "Edge", Supreme Ch. Cliftop Gunna be a Star. This time she was mated to the US top red Aussie, Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision, aka "Jake". In all, seven pups were born; three boys and four girls. We are excited about the prospects which face these pups as they hopefully commence their show careers in 2017.

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 In 2009 Paxterr commenced showing a young Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier bitch, Dancestar Ms America Pie who came from the long established, champion kennels of Dr John Collard in the ACT.  "Sheena" achieved her Australian Champions title and presented us with a litter of six beautiful pups, three boys and three girls, in July 2011. In early August, 2012, Sheena produced a second litter of seven very good looking pups - four boys and three girls. The sire was, once again, Larnook King of Swing, aka "Louis". All pups have been placed in homes of families who we are confident will care for them all their lives. In 2013 Sheena travelled to Melbourne and, under a breeding agreement with Dr John Collard of Dancestar Kennels, delivered a healthy litter of five pups under the Larnook Kennel prefix. That was the last litter which Sheena produced for us and she has since been retired from breeding.

In July 2015 we were fortunate to be able to obtain a quality bitch puppy from Tony Clift in NSW. Tchoklat Rose of Belfast, otherwise known as Aoife, was born on 15th April 2015 and has now achieved her Australian Championship title. In time, Aoife will be mated with a quality Wheaten Terrier dog and, hopefully, give us healthy, outgoing pups to continue our breeding programme. In exciting news for us, we will be home to a new girl from Tchoklat kennels early in 2017. This baby was born on 21st December 2016 and will come to us when she is 8 weeks old, towards the end of February. Her tentative pedigree name is Tchoklat Christmas Magic. We are looking forward to showing her in South Australia and winning her Championship title over the course of 2017.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to be home to another girl from Tchoklat Kennels because we are so happy with our existing girl, Aoife. Aoife possesses a beautiful, gentle temperament and is sound in health. She has been DNA profiled, hip scored, thyroid and kidney functions tested and eyes checked by a Veterinary Opthalmologist. Aoife is clear of the dreaded PLN gene which has been, until recently, a major concern for breeders of Wheatens. Now there is a genetic test which can identify the gene for this kidney wasting disease so that it can be eliminated from our breeding lines. The only concern that was discovered was the presence of one gene for a condition called Degenerative Myelopathy or DM. Carrying one gene for DM is only a concern if Aoife were to be mated to a dog also carrying the gene. In that case, there would be a good chance that the pups could also be infected with this condition. However, armed with the knowledge provided by the DNA profile and other extensive health testing, we can ensure that Aoife is only mated to a dog which is clear of any possible condition and there are a number of wonderful dogs around Australia to choose from. Responsible breeding ensures the best possible outcome, healthwise, but there are, of course, no iron-clad guarantees that future pups may not develop some other condition or disease. However, we can be confident that, as far as possible, we have done everything we can to ensure the health of our dogs. In any case, Wheatens are a very healthy breed and ages of 14 or 15 are not unheard of.

DM is

Aoife, shortly after she arrived in Adelaide in July 2015.

The photo above shows those Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier owners from SA who gathered on 15th March 2015 to celebrate St Patrick's Day and to honour the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Great Britain which was celebrating its 6oth birthday on that day. It was part of a coordinated World Wide Wheaten Walk held at 11.00am in different time zones all over the world on 15th March. The SA Wheatens and their owners met at the St Peter's River Park for a leisurely stroll and morning tea. All who came had a wonderful time.

All Wheaten Terrier owners who participated in the World Wide Wheaten Walk in Adelaide on 15th March received a commemorative plate designed and produced by Ana Cooper, the owner of the beautiful Keeva.

Aoife, Tchoklat Rose of Belfast, at home on Siobahn's bed!