Picture Gallery

Sheena impressing the Judge at the Royal Adelaide Show in September, 2010. She was Best of Breed.

Sheena has gone on to achieve her Australian Champion title and has been retired from the Show ring.

Sheena pictured with her six pups which were born on the 4th July, 2011 In this photo the pups are three weeks old.

Cheryl Fleming, part owner of Sheena and Charlie, holds four of Sheena's second litter of pups which were born in August 2012. Four boys and three girls have  all been placed in loving homes. They are very cute but a lot of work to look after seven at once!
On St Patrick's Day, 2015 we were fortunate to get around 24 Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and their families together at the St Peter's Linear Park for a celebration and gathering. This was part of an attempt by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Great Britain to hold the largest coordinated gathering of dogs at one time around the world. Unfortunately, there are not enough Wheatens to do this but, in Adelaide, we all had a good time. Here is a photo of the group on St Pat's Day. We hope to have gatherings at least a couple of times each year. The dogs sure like getting together!
In July 2015, Paxterr welcomed Aoife into our Wheaten family. Her pedigree name is Tchoklat Rose of Belfast and she is from the kennels of Mr Tony Clift of NSW. Aoife has completed her Australian Championship and is now retired from the Show ring. She has  now joined our breeding program and is expecting puppies early February 2018. This will be her second litter. Aoife has had her DNA tested in the USA and appears to be free of PLN and other possible genetic defects. We are confident that she will produce progeny which are not only physically sound but also have outgoing but gentle natures.
Aoife, arrayed like a queen, on Sinead's bed, shortly after arriving at her house to stay forever.
Siobahn, Aoife and Charlie shortly after Aoife arrived in Adelaide in July, 2015.

Aoife and Charlie waiting for their supper. Sadly, Charlie has now gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We plan on keeping one female puppy from the upcoming litter  and hopefully Sinead will be able to help that girl also achieve her Championship like her mother.

 Pictured below is Larnook King of Swing, aka "Louis" from the famous Larnook kennels of Dr Monica O'Kelly. Charlie successfully sired a litter of six pups in 2011 and has been paired with Sheena again in 2012. Seven pups (four boys and three girls) were born in early August. In this photo Louis has had his coat clipped for convenience. Normally his coat would be like Sheena's.

Dancestar Eureka Swing, aka "Charlie" winning Best of Breed at the Royal Adelaide Show in September 2012. Charlie is a natural showman and gaits beautifully when on a lead. Wheatens are very intelligent and easy to train. In Ireland, in past times, they were used as working dogs on farms and served many different roles from herding to hunting while, all the time, being integral parts of the family unit.

Wheaten Terriers are great family dogs. Charlie was wonderfully gentle  with children and, in fact, resembled a big teddy bear! In his picture he is sitting with my grandson who is obviously enjoying his close encounter with his furry friend.

Patrick playing with Aoife shortly after she arrived in Adelaide.
Sinead Fleming is pictured above with Aoife in the Show ring. Sinead worked  with Aoife  at Shows culminating in her winning  her Australian Championship and becoming Ch. Tchoklat Rose of Belfast.

Here is a picture of Aoife begging for food in the kitchen of the Fleming household. Aoife has a most gentle temperament and such a sweet nature but she is not above begging for food if the opportunity arises!

AOIFE, aka Aust Ch. Tchoklat Rose of Belfast.